Gizmo and the mysterious gift!?

After a long and stressful day, I decided to have an early night tonight. Having only been in bed for about 8 minutes, starting to relax under the comfort of my duvet, I hear some kind of Gizmo induced commotion in the hallway. After a few seconds, the noise stops. Weird, I thought!? Less than … Continue reading Gizmo and the mysterious gift!?


A ‘lie in’, what’s that!?

I've waited all week for today; first of two days off in a row and I decided I was going to do the 'lie in' thing. I knew that Gizmo had a full bowl of food overnight, so that pretty much guaranteed I wouldn't be disturbed until 8am, right!? WRONG.... Recently when I've been getting … Continue reading A ‘lie in’, what’s that!?

Gizmo’s latest disappointment…

I'm afraid to say Gizmo is not a happy kitty this evening, and it's my fault. You're probably thinking I've done something horrid to him, like inserting a thermometer where the sun doesn't shine, or told him off for stripping wallpaper AGAIN, but you would be wrong on both accounts. I'm afraid it's far worse, … Continue reading Gizmo’s latest disappointment…