Ah, sunshine…welcome back!?

It seems to have been a long winter. So long, that Gizmo and I had forgotten what sunshine is!? Only 2 days ago, we had snow. The impact of snow in central Cornwall can be described in one word; chaos!? Snow lasted a few hours and literally brought Cornwall to a standstill!? Gizmo seemed fascinated … Continue reading Ah, sunshine…welcome back!?


Is Gizmo losing his touch!?

I'm not sure if it's an age thing, or if Gizmo is losing his touch, but he's going to have to try harder if he still insists on being fed at the 'normal' time of 5am!? Take this morning, for example. I'm having a lovely week off work, and enjoying not getting up at 5am, … Continue reading Is Gizmo losing his touch!?

Squirrel + Cornish Weather = Unhappy Gizmo!?

Gizmo was eyeing up a squirrel in the garden earlier! He climbed halfway out the kitchen window, but then the rain started, and he looked at me before reversing back through the window in a hurry....according to Gizmo, its too damp for squirrel stalking today apparently!? Giz and I both hope this weather will dry … Continue reading Squirrel + Cornish Weather = Unhappy Gizmo!?

Merry Christmas!

Gizmo and I just want to say Merry Christmas to all our friends and supporters ♡ Thanks for all the comments, and words of encouragement over the past 12 months. You are all amazing ♡ I hope Santa brings you and your kitties everything you wish for ♡

The magic letter ‘C’…!?

Umm...I think Gizmo is broken. Apart from having pancreatitis 12 months ago, he's not a poorly cat physically. But mentally, I think he is unusual... and recently, EVEN more than normal!? He's always been a fussy eater, even before I got him as a 5 month old bundle of trouble.  Unlike all my previous cats, … Continue reading The magic letter ‘C’…!?

It’s been a cold night…so where is Gizmo??

As the weather has turned colder in recent days, Gizmo has frequently been joining me on my bed each night. Although it can be annoying when he forces me to lie diagonally because he continues to move into MY space each time he turns round in the night, at least I know that he is … Continue reading It’s been a cold night…so where is Gizmo??

Birthday Blues…Gizmo style!?

I think the look on Gizmos face explains it all!? Yesterday was MY birthday, and it was a 'big one'. Yes, I officially joined the '30 club' despite only looking like a 5ft nothing teenager...so I'm told!? (Less than 24 hours earlier, I was asked for ID to purchase tickets to the theatre...minimum age 19yrs … Continue reading Birthday Blues…Gizmo style!?

Gizmo Introduces: ‘CatTreeUK’

If your kitty is anything like Gizmo, they will climb and scratch EVERYTHING they can get their paws on?! Outdoors, Gizmo knows no limits...he climbs trees, and I mean REALLY high trees. Trees that are so tall, the branches move rapidly in the wind!! And yet, he climbs tall things at speed, and makes it … Continue reading Gizmo Introduces: ‘CatTreeUK’

Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

Recently, Gizmo celebrated his 2nd birthday! Compared to his first birthday, it was a low key affair!? The Human Slave was TOTALLY unprepared, so thankfully for Gizmo, The Natural Pet Toy Company jumped to Gizmos rescue and sent him three FABULOUS birthday gifts ANY kitty would love!!   Firstly, Gizmo opened the CatNip Fish Toy! … Continue reading Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’