Birthday Blues…Gizmo style!?

I think the look on Gizmos face explains it all!? Yesterday was MY birthday, and it was a 'big one'. Yes, I officially joined the '30 club' despite only looking like a 5ft nothing I'm told!? (Less than 24 hours earlier, I was asked for ID to purchase tickets to the theatre...minimum age 19yrs … Continue reading Birthday Blues…Gizmo style!?


Gizmo Introduces: ‘CatTreeUK’

If your kitty is anything like Gizmo, they will climb and scratch EVERYTHING they can get their paws on?! Outdoors, Gizmo knows no limits...he climbs trees, and I mean REALLY high trees. Trees that are so tall, the branches move rapidly in the wind!! And yet, he climbs tall things at speed, and makes it … Continue reading Gizmo Introduces: ‘CatTreeUK’

Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

Recently, Gizmo celebrated his 2nd birthday! Compared to his first birthday, it was a low key affair!? The Human Slave was TOTALLY unprepared, so thankfully for Gizmo, The Natural Pet Toy Company jumped to Gizmos rescue and sent him three FABULOUS birthday gifts ANY kitty would love!!   Firstly, Gizmo opened the CatNip Fish Toy! … Continue reading Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

Gizmo’s latest disappointment…

I'm afraid to say Gizmo is not a happy kitty this evening, and it's my fault. You're probably thinking I've done something horrid to him, like inserting a thermometer where the sun doesn't shine, or told him off for stripping wallpaper AGAIN, but you would be wrong on both accounts. I'm afraid it's far worse, … Continue reading Gizmo’s latest disappointment…