Neighbours: Are you missing a shoelace?!

A few days ago, I found myself apologising to my neighbours... I found a shoelace in my kitchen one morning, and it doesn't belong to any member of my household?! It's quite a distinctive shoelace; black, with a knot in the middle and tattered chewed ends, but I fear the chewed ends may be Gizmos … Continue reading Neighbours: Are you missing a shoelace?!

Tummy Rub Tuesday…if you dare?!

Oh dear - Gizmos Human has started joining in with #hashtags, #hashtaggames and other activities on Twitter... Here is Gizmos Tummy Rub Tuesday...not that anyone in my house is brave (or stupid) enough to touch Gizmos gorgeous belly?! As much as Gizmo tries to encourage us, I'm not falling for that again! It's like playing … Continue reading Tummy Rub Tuesday…if you dare?!

My ‘special’ birthday gifts…?!

A few days ago, it was my birthday. I turned 31, and to me, it was just another day. Nothing special. Yes, the postman delivered slightly more mail than usual, and thankfully no bills arrived through the post that day, but basically, I didn't celebrate. I made no special plans, and wasn't expecting anything. I … Continue reading My ‘special’ birthday gifts…?!

The gifts just keep coming…?!

It's been ages since I've found the time to write about Gizmos latest adventures...but he's had a few recently?! With the dark evenings, and colder weather, Gizmo has been spending the evenings sleeping by a radiator which is probably a good thing - apart from humans trying not to trip over him, at least we … Continue reading The gifts just keep coming…?!

Is Gizmo involved in Kitty Crime spree?!

Do you ever get the feeling that your kitty is hiding something from you?! Well, today, Gizmo has given me reason to think he is hiding a secret... His suspicious behaviour makes me think that he has been up to something, but I'm not sure what, or if I will ever find out?! You see, … Continue reading Is Gizmo involved in Kitty Crime spree?!

Another year older and wiser?! Nope, not for Gizmo…

Happy Birthday to Gizmo!! Somehow, he has made it to his 3rd birthday in one piece!? My wallpaper and curtains aren't lucky enough to say the same thing?! I'm not sure Gizmo understands the concept of growing older and wiser!? All his adventures and naughtiness show no sign of stopping!? I hope he spends the … Continue reading Another year older and wiser?! Nope, not for Gizmo…

Not a comfy kitty!?

Poor Gizmo is struggling to get comfy tonight. He has a HUGE choice of sleeping locations in the house; fluffy cat tree, clean bedlinen, cardboard boxes in multiple locations, but no... tonight he chooses to lie on my knees, on his back, with his body in the most uncomfortable looking position!? Ah, the challenging life … Continue reading Not a comfy kitty!?